Guerrilla Marketing: Jeep

One of my favorite marketing strategies has always been the use of guerrilla marketing. Not only is this the most creative way to market something, it’s the best way to generate word-of-mouth marketing. Here is a guerrilla marketing campaign done by on of my very favorite brands, Jeep.

This guerrilla marketing campaign is so clever because some Jeep owners, even myself on occasion, will actually park like this. This campaign was done in Copenhagen, Denmark, which I think is even better that they put this in such a large city. What really works about this campaign is that Chrysler chose such a large city, which really contrasts with the Jeep off-road image they usually portray. It shows that you don’t have to take it off-road to enjoy your off-road vehicle, but I don’t believe they actually promoted reckless driving in the streets. It was subtle enough to catch the attention of people but not to enable them to recklessly go about parking on things.


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